Healthcare Business Checking

Designed with healthcare practices in mind, this interest-bearing checking account includes up to 600 monthly transactions1. The Healthcare Business Checking account also waives your $30 monthly service fee if you have a $25,000 checking balance or $100,000 total relationship balance2.

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Account Features

Up to 600 Monthly Transactions Enjoy up to 600 monthly transactions1

and then $0.50 per transaction over 600.

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Interest Bearing Earn interest on your Healthcare Business Checking balance.
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Offset Service Fees We'll waive your $30 monthly service fee if you have $25,000 in checking balances OR $100,000 in combined business lending, checking, savings, CD and money market balances.2
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Make Branch and ATM Cash Deposits

Includes up to $25,000 in coin and currency deposits each month. A fee of $0.30 for each $100 in excess of $25,000 will apply.

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Overdraft Protection Overdraft Protection Account with no annual fee (credit application and approval required), or Deposit-to-Deposit Overdraft Protection with no transfer fee.3
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Account Alerts Our automated email and text Alerts4 can provide daily updates on your money. Learn more about Alerts.
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No Fee Linked MMA or Savings Add a linked Business Money Market or Savings account and there is no Monthly Service Fee on that account. Learn more.
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Access to over 1,800 ATMs Withdraw cash, deposit checks and cash, or transfer money between accounts for free, with Huntington ATMs. Find a local ATM
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1 A transaction includes any combination of checks paid, deposit tickets, deposited checks (except those you process through a remote deposit scanner), incoming ACH debits and credits, debit card purchases, and bill payment transactions made through Huntington’s Online Bill Pay service.

2Total Relationship Balance can qualify you for waiver of certain fees on an applicable checking account (“the qualifying checking account”) by giving you credit for balances in other business accounts.  Your Total Relationship refers to your business checking account linked to one or more of the following business accounts: business money market account, savings account, Certificate of Deposit, an AFI-FDIC Insured Money Market Account Sweep, or lending account, if applicable.  We link the qualifying checking account with any qualifying business accounts in response to your request for us to do so. We call these linked accounts your Total Relationship accounts. Any deposit account that is linked will appear on your qualifying checking account statement. We calculate your average daily balance by totaling the balances in your account from the end of each day in your statement cycle and dividing that amount by the number of days in that statement cycle.  However, for new accounts or closed accounts, we only count the number of days that the account was open during the statement cycle for purposes of determining the average daily balance.   
Your Total Relationship Balance for any monthly Total Relationship Statement period is the sum of the balances for each of your Total Relationship accounts, determined in the following manner:
• For your qualifying business checking account we use the monthly average collected balance. Collected funds are those for which we have received final payment from the financial institution or entities upon which the checks are drawn.
• For your qualifying business money market and savings accounts that are Total Relationship accounts, we use the average daily balance in each of these accounts for the Total Relationship statement period.
• For your business certificate of deposit accounts that are Total Relationship accounts, we use the balances in each of these accounts as of the close of business the day before the date of the Total Relationship Statement.
• For your business AFI-FDIC Insured MMA Sweep that are Total Relationship Accounts, we use the average daily balance in the investment account for the Total Relationship Statement period.
• For your qualifying Commercial Loans that are Total Relationship Accounts, we use the outstanding principal balance on this account as of the close of business the day before the date of the Total Relationship Statement. The tax identification number on your commercial loan must match the tax identification number on the qualifying business checking account. Only available for Accelerated Business Checking or Healthcare Business Checking.

3 Regulation limits the number of transfers that can be made from a Savings or Money Market Account during the statement cycle.

4Carrier's message and data charges may apply.

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