Business Online Administration

Business Online Administration provides you with the capability to manage your company, users and reports.

Company Administration

Company Administration allows you to modify your company profile, service permissions, services, reporting and account names.

  • Edit your company profile:
    Update your company information online (for Business Online only) without having to call your sales representative.
  • Track when the profile was last updated:
    Company Profile screen displays the last date and time updated.
  • Communicate securely with Huntington:
    Send a message by selecting Contact Us at the top of the screen.
  • Control company access:
    Determine at any time which services your company has access to online.
  • Select All functionality:
    Set up all accounts for a specific service or report with the click of a button.
  • Modify the names of each of your accounts:
    Make it easier to differentiate and identify accounts.

User Administration

User Administration allows you to manage company users and their information and access. Administrators are able to add new users, update user profiles, delete users, unlock passwords, determine service permissions, settings and which accounts should be accessible to specific services and/or reports (User Service Matrix and User Function Matrix screens). You can also require a Company Administrator to approve modifications made to User Administration within Business Online by another Administrator.

  • Quickly set up new users:
    Copy service permissions from an existing user.
  • Easily manage users:
    View existing users, their user IDs and status.
  • Quickly update and manage users with User Profile:
    • Allows you to quickly update user information yourself without having to call your sales representative.
    • View when a user profile was last updated.
  • Manage multiple user IDs:
    Select a unique user ID for each user within the company.
  • Add or delete users:
    Add or delete company users as needed.
  • Unlimited users:
    Set up as many users as you like for Business Online access.
  • Multiple administrators:
    Assign an unlimited number of administrators.
  • Control passwords:
    Administrators can unlock a user's password as needed.
  • Grant and maintain user service permissions:
    Determine which users have access to each service and modify them at any time.
  • Access the User Service Matrix:
    Set up and modify the account/service relationships for each user at any time.
  • Access the User Function Matrix:
    Set up and modify the account/function relationships for each user at any time.

Reports Administration

Reports Administration allows you to view user profiles, account service relationships and audit or activity information. Administrators are able to quickly create reports for a single user or all users for a company as needed.

  • Review user profiles:
    View user information, service permissions, accounts and user settings for one or all of the users in your company.
  • Review accounts/service reports by user:
    View all accounts that a user has access to and the services enabled to each account.
  • Audit reports:
    View the date, time, user name, service and description of activity for one or all users.
  • Open a separate report window:
    Toggle back and forth between the report and Business Online.
  • Print reports:
    Print reports as needed.

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