Adapting to workforce trends and employee expectations

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Most workers who did their jobs remotely during the pandemic expressed an interest in continuing to do so, but many also indicated they want to be in the office part-time.

Many small business owners believe that a hybrid approach is the ideal solution. What they may not realize, however, is how hybrid working arrangements can impact their businesses long-term relative to office-space planning and strategies for talent attraction and retention.

Changing the look of today’s workspaces

Although companies with fewer people in the office require less total space, they still need to make investments in office configurations and technologies that support virtual collaboration and creativity.

They also need to accommodate rotating schedules and enhanced health and safety concerns. Increasing square footage in common areas and incorporating healthy building amenities is critical.

Adopting creative talent strategies

With more remote workforces, companies outside your immediate geographic location may be competing for the same workers as you.

This means you may need to be more creative and aggressive in your benefits programs and offerings to effectively recruit and retain top talent.

Investments that may really pay off in this area include:

  • Competitive healthcare offerings with broad coverage to benefit employees living in various locations
  • On-demand childcare
  • Mental health support services
  • High-quality, reliable telecommunications to help teams stay connected
  • Attractive, comfortable office furnishings and décor to make a good impression on employees when they work in the office
  • Employee reimbursements for investments made to set up their at-home offices

Start Adapting Today

As you explore ways to prepare your business to accommodate a more remote workforce, Huntington can help. We can help you identify the necessary changes and evaluate your financing options. Connect with the business banking team at Huntington to discover the many ways we can help you grow and strengthen your business.

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