Is Your Business Ready for the New Year?

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With the New Year here, it’s a great time to get your affairs in order and create a strategy for 2018. Take a look at six ways you can get your business ready for the New Year.
  1. Look Back
    What were your biggest accomplishments in 2017, and how can you capitalize on the strengths that led to those successes? On the other hand, what were your biggest “misses” last year, and how can you avoid repeating these mistakes? Take a look at the opportunities for growth that may exist around you, as well as how you can turn obstacles into successes in 2018.
  2. Set Goals
    After you’ve made your business assessment, set realistic and attainable goals for 2018. Be as specific as you can – with clear start times, due dates and assigned accountability. The more focused you can be on “how” you’ll accomplish what you want, the better.
  3. Improve Your Systems
    What systems do you need to change, update, get rid of, or improve to meet your goals? Research available apps, contractual services, or even automated systems that may streamline your business needs and set you up for success in 2018.
  4. Develop Talent
    Evaluate whether you have the right people working in the right places – and if not, make the changes you need to align with the goals you’ve established. Maybe you need to train employees on customer service skills, or attend a leadership program for your personal growth. You may also look at how you can outsource certain jobs to get the expertise needed, while savings money or training costs in other areas.
  5. Motivate Your Team
    Celebrate 2017’s successes with your employees and honor their contributions and achievements. Share your vision for the company and lead by example. Encourage employees to establish their own plans for achievement. If you’re excited and enthusiastic about 2018, your staff will follow suit.
  6. Get Everything In Order
    With a plan for the New Year in place, you need to get your operational and business affairs in order. Whether you need to submit annual reports or renew a business license or permit, don’t wait until the last minute. Be sure your financial reports and records are in order. Review your bank accounts to see whether or not you need to make financial changes – like finding a better rate on a credit card, lower fees on a checking account, etc. Declutter your email inbox and even reorganize your office to start fresh in 2018.

Now is the perfect time to refocus and renew your efforts to grow your business in positive and productive ways. To learn more about how Huntington can help, click here, or give us a call at (800) 480-2001.