Lender Finance

We know the business of lending and the challenges lenders face. We provide creative financing solutions and reliable closings for transactions from $10 to $100 million (and larger through syndication). Our extensive experience allows us to quickly identify potential issues and work with you to manage them effectively.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible credit facility to grow as you grow 
  • Competitive rates 
  • Dedicated Huntington team


Transaction Types: All our transactions are senior secured, first lien debt against financial assets. Transactions take the form of either: 

  • Revolving Warehouse Lines: Used to finance the ongoing originations of specialty finance companies based on agreed upon underwriting standards. 
  • Term Financing: Used to finance an existing pool of financial assets, originated by an issuer, that will liquidate over time, or to finance the purchase of a pool of financial assets by a buyer. 

Commitment: $10 million - $100 million (with syndication capability to $300 million+) with 2-7 year tenor. 

Target Industries: Leasing companies and all other types of commercial specialty finance companies. 

Geography: National coverage. 

Ready to get started?

Dennis Conway - (609) 528-5645, Dennis.Conway@huntington.com
Michael Labrum - (609) 528-5646, Michael.Labrum@huntington.com