Commercial Interest Checking

Commercial Interest Checking is for the operating needs of larger companies who prefer to earn interest rather than
offsetting fees with an earnings credit.

Your checking account should reflect your business, your ways of working, and the ways you prefer to earn. At Huntington, we understand that, which is why we offer Commercial Interest Checking accounts.

Commercial Interest Checking is an operating account designed for high-balance and high-volume activity.

The benefits of choosing a Commercial Interest Checking account include:

  • Earning interest on balances
  • Combination of other deposit products for statements and billing purposes

Are you a non-profit or public-fund business? Huntington also offers additional Interest Checking account options for non-profit and public fund businesses.

Explore Other Deposit Accounts

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Ideal for fast-growing businesses, Analyzed Checking is for clients with high volume activity.

Hybrid Checking

An operating account designed for high-balance and high volume activity, the Hybrid checking account earns interest on excess balances.

Commercial Premier Money Market Account

Huntington Commercial Premier Money Market Account is designed for commercial entities who want to keep their funds working and secure.

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