Working Capital

It's your money. We help you manage it your way. We work with you to understand and invest for your intermediate-term projects and capital needs while maintaining liquidity backed by the strength of Huntington.

Maintain liquidity while earning competitive interest rates on your cash. Invest excess operating funds in a Commercial Premier Money Market Account and grow your funds. Use this option when you have reserves that you don't often write checks against.
Keep your money working
Huntington Commercial Premier Money Market Account is designed for commercial entities who want to keep their funds working and secure. Grow balances by earning interest on excess operating funds, while enjoying liquidity and ready access to those funds. Earn more interest on your funds with tiered interest rates based on higher balances.
Manage your funds efficiently
Access your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week through with Business Online, or call our  Business Service Center at 1-800-480-2001 Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:30pm ET or Saturdays from 8:00am - 5:00pm.
Keep your money secure
Your Commercial Premier Money Market Account is insured by the FDIC up to applicable limits.
  • Non Profit Business Premier Money Market Deposit Account
  • Non Profit Notice Account
  • Public Funds Business Premier Money Market Deposit Account
  • Public Funds Notice Account
Automated Credit Sweep

Automated Credit Sweep (ACS) is a convenient cash management tool that allows you to pay down or draw upon established lines of credit without manual intervention.

It’s common-sense money management---built in.

  • Electronic monitoring of both accounts means transfers will be made when your checking balance falls below a pre-set target
  • As long as funds are available for transfer, you’re covered
  • Sweeps can be monitored online
Automated Funds Investment Sweep
Automated Funds Investment (AFI) sweep is an automated service for business customers who are interested in earnings and/or safety of liquid operating funds. Our AFI service saves you time by automatically sweeping excess funds above your target balance into the investment option of your choice. The next morning, funds are available in your operating account. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing our cash is working hard for you rather than sitting idle.
FDIC Insured Money Market Account Sweep
This money market account is governed by Regulation D and FDIC insured up to applicable amounts.
Money Market Mutual Fund Sweep
Multiple fund options available.
Repurchase Agreements Sweep
Repurchase Agreements are collateralized by investment grade debt securities issued by private corporations and private label collateralized mortgage obligations.

Investment products and services are offered through Huntington Investment Company (“HIC”).  HIC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (“HBI”), and is registered as a Broker Dealer with FINRA, and a member of SIPC.  Investments are: NOT A DEPOSIT  NOT FDIC-INSURED  NOT GUARANTEED BY THE BANK