Auto Finance and Dealer Services - FAQ

What is the Lien holder address for vehicle titles & auto Insurance?
Huntington National Bank
5555 Cleveland Ave (GW1C01)
Columbus, OH 43231
What is Huntington's FDI Number?
HNB Federal Tax ID# 31-0966785
What is Huntington's ELT Codes for Eligible Electronic Titling States?
Florida - 217738221 Ohio- E00549 Massachusetts - C23544 Arizona - E00261869 New York- 34909 Pennsylvania - 31096678501 Virginia - ELTJ4
My customer does not reside in the state the dealership is located, how should we process title work to make sure lien recorded in timely manner?
The Dealership should send the paperwork to the BMV where the customer lives to ensure the lien is properly recorded.
Who should I contact for a lien satisfaction letter if Huntington's lien is recorded on my customer's title, but they do not have an outstanding loan with you?
Contact our Loan/Lease Customer Service Line at 800-445-8460, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. or fax your request to 877-293-7409 Attn: Title Administration.
My customer has several loan accounts with you. Since I do not have a loan number, I cannot use your 24 hour automated payoff line. Who should I contact for a loan payoff?
Unfortunately, you must have the customer's account number to obtain a payoff quote through our automated telephone service. You could also have the customer contact our Loan/Lease Customer Service Line at 800-445-8460, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm EST to obtain the account number.
How can I obtain a loan payoff after normal business hours when my dealership is open for business?
Contact our Dealer Payoff Line at 800-822-6327, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and follow the prompts in our automated telephone service to obtain the payoff amount. (You must have the customer's authorization and account or social security number)
Where do I send the customer's loan payoff and how soon will I receive the title?
Send the check in the amount of the loan payoff with the account number OR Social Security Number of the customer to:

The Huntington National Bank
5555 Cleveland Ave
ATTN: Payoff GW1N10
Columbus, OH 43231

You will receive the title notification of the lien being released electronically or lien release letter within 10 business days.
What are the most common errors to avoid in order to prevent funding delays?
Not including the Bookout sheet or Risk Based Pricing Notification.
Where can I obtain a simple checklist of documents required for funding that we can include with each deal submitted?
Contact your retail relationship manager or region help desk and they can provide a checklist for you.
Where should I fax documents requested for funding and what information should I include to make sure they are imaged to correct deal?
Please fax the information requested to 800-480-2044 and be sure to include the Application Identification Number.
Who do I contact for deal funding status or assistance with funding issues?
Please contact our Indirect Funding Department at 800-926-6794 or you can contact your region help desk. Updates to the funding package status are also displayed within DealerTrack and RouteOne.
Who should I contact to stop funding on a deal for corrections needed, etc. if paperwork is in transit?
Please contact your region help desk or retail relationship manager or the funding department at 800-926-6794 for assistance.
My customer has not received their coupon book yet, where should they send their payment?
If the customer has a payment that is due, please send your first payment to the following address. Please include your Social Security Number on the check or money order.

The Huntington National Bank
5555 Cleveland Ave
Attn: GW1C06
Columbus ,OH 43231

When the customer receives their coupon book, they may then begin using the regular payment address. It can take up to 14 days to receive their coupon book after Huntington documents the details of their agreement. If the customer has questions about your their book, they can contact our Loan/Lease Customer Service Line at 800-445-8460, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.
Who should I contact if my customer was set up at closing for auto funds transfer, their first payment was not deducted from their deposit account?
If the customer has questions about your their automatic payment, they should contact our Loan/Lease Customer Service Line at 800-445-8460, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm EST and they can verify that the automatic payment was set up or get can get it started.

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