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Rx Bars co-founder, Peter Rahal

RxBars: Huntington provides capital for a growing business

Learn how RXBARs went from a basement startup to a growing company, built with simple ingredients.
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Read about Ellis Corp

Ellis Corp. & Huntington: Dedicated to superb customer service

Ellis Corporation’s golden rule is to provide top of the line customer service.
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Blessing in a backpack

Blessings in a Backpack & Huntington

Blessings in a Backpack's goal is to help schoolchildren secure food for the weekend. Huntington is proud to support this cause.
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Peter Gillespie

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For information on how Huntington can help your business grow, contact me or your local Relationship Manager.
Peter Gillespie

President, Chicago Region

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Karen Hackett retired CEO, and Richard Stewart, COO and CFO, the AAOS

AAOS maintains active global membership committed to lifelong learning

Few organizations have experienced the scope and breadth of changes in technology, public policy and educational demands as those in the health care industry.
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Leaving a legacy

A worthy legacy

The foundations Karen Hackett, former CEO of AAOS, has laid at the organization, and its commitment to serving its member orthopaedists, musculoskeletal specialists and their patients continues.
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Dunnet bay

Dunnet Bay construction solves challenges improving Chicago transportation

For Dunnet Bay Construction, understanding a city’s transportation network is the key to success as a general contractor that upgrades aging infrastructure for residents in and around Chicago.
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Community Housing Advocacy & Development

CHAD provides affordable housing in Chicago suburbs

Community Housing Advocacy & Development (CHAD) has been helping hardworking individuals and families secure affordable, better-quality housing since 1983.
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Building a luxury eyewear brand

Learn how Europa International committed to ‘Made in America,’ and built a luxury eyewear brand with the help of Huntington.
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Improving workplace health with Medcor

Take a nontraditional approach to workplace health. Learn how Medcor helps employers and employees with telehealth services, and onsite health clinics.
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easter seals

Easterseals Chicago: non-profit partnership and support

TLearn how Easterseals Chicago serves individuals with disabilities throughout Chicagoland, with support from Huntington.
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