Affordable housing advocacy from a Chicago property management company

CHAD helps provide quality, affordable housing in Chicago suburbs

Community Housing Advocacy & Development

Community Housing Advocacy & Development (CHAD) has been helping hardworking individuals and families secure affordable, better-quality housing since 1983. This nonprofit corporation owns, leases and manages 175 properties in 30 of Chicago’s western suburban communities, offering single family homes, duplexes, apartments and townhomes at reduced rent, while also providing property management services to more than 1,100 residents.

“Most of our clients work in service jobs in the communities in which we help them find housing,” says Mary Loch, the organization’s chief financial officer.

Community Housing Advocacy & Development

About CHAD

CHAD provides affordable housing to residents within the western suburbs where they work.

“Our clients work in service jobs in these communities,” Loch says. “And the benefit of being able to live close to where they work is just immeasurable.”

Loch says CHAD helps these families reside in communities where the commute is short, excellent schools are available and neighborhood amenities abound.

“Many of our clients are single moms, and we are able to make their lives more manageable by helping them afford housing near their places of employment, giving them the advantages of more time with their families, plus residences in advantageous communities,” Loch says. “It can make their days less stressful.”

Huntington recognizes the importance of CHAD’s mission and has supported this effort through lending programs.

“Huntington is one of our most active lenders, helping us keep rents affordable,” Loch says. “ They took our biggest portfolio and made it easier to fund.”

What CHAD does

“Really, we’re a property management company,” says Loch.

She says about half of the organization’s employees work to repair buildings and improve them both inside and out. On the leasing side, CHAD pairs affordable housing with families that want to live in the area.

However, that can be tricky. CHAD looks for qualified candidates who make enough money to afford a percentage of the rent, but not so much that they can afford to go to a different community.

“Our goal is to make a big impact in their lives,” Loch says.

About the organization

Name: Community Housing Advocacy & Development (CHAD)


City: Wheaton, Illinois

Phone: (630) 456-4452

Mission: We are committed to delivering quality, affordable housing where individuals and families can live, work and thrive.

How you can help

If you’d like to support CHAD, visit, and click on the “How you can help” link to learn more.