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Michael Schneider, Founder and President, First Interstate Properties

First Interstate Properties transformed Cleveland's Flats

Where most people saw a brownfield in Cleveland’s Flats, First Interstate Properties saw the potential for a unique urban shopping development. The result was Steelyard Commons.

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Steelyard Commons

Steelyard Commons secures $120 million in funding

As a privately funded project, Steelyard Commons was the result of a combined financing effort from a number of entities.

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Jonathan Miceli, Vice President of Corporate Administration, Miceli Dairy Products

How Miceli's cheese drives success

How the Miceli family’s Italian cheese passion has driven success for nearly a century.

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Cleveland Public Square

How LAND Studio renovated Public Square

How LAND Studio turned Cleveland’s central spot into a stunner.

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Sean Richardson

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Sean Richardson
President, Greater Cleveland Region

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