Huntington Insights: Cleveland | Community | Spring 2018

Famicos Foundation & Huntington: Investing in Cleveland property management

Famicos Foundation
Famicos Foundation is working to improve the quality of life in Greater Cleveland through neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing and integrated social services. To achieve its mission, the organization partners with residents to create an engaged, vibrant, diverse, healthy neighborhood, where residents stay, invest and help shape a neighborhood of choice.

“Having a home is where it all begins, because once that is provided, you can plan other things that help you engage with your community,” says Executive Director John Anoliefo. “And community engagement helps residents buy in to the vision of the neighborhood. Then it becomes theirs.”

As a community development corporation, The Famicos Foundation focuses on the Glenville and Hough neighborhoods of Cleveland, with additional services available in Cuyahoga, Lake, Medina and Geauga counties.

What the Famicos Foundation does

The agenda includes health and wellness events, an annual 5K walk/run, teaching people to farm, cook and eat healthily, providing a farmers market, food distribution, emergency utility assistance and home repair, foreclosure prevention and free legal services that help residents eliminate barriers to gainful employment by implementing expungement of minor misdemeanor offenses.

And its teen summer work program includes a work-and-learn program that introduces different careers and teaches them how to interview and put together a winning resume.

How it helps

The Famicos Foundation also buys properties in the neighborhoods it serves, rehabbing them and then either selling or renting them. Famicos has worked with more than 1,000 properties for those most in need – low wage-earning families, seniors, the chronically homeless and those with disabilities.

“Our role is to be a change agent,” Anoliefo says. “We prepare these neighborhoods with a goal that the market will take over at some point.” As a change agent, Famicos Foundation staff and volunteers do the initial heavy lifting, and ultimately, developers, investors and homeowners take over. Once that happens, the community engagement piece becomes crucial.

“The formula works,” he says. “In fact, Glenville has turned the corner and is now a viable, investable and sustainable community.”

Anoliefo says Huntington’s presence has been crucial to that positive change, because a bank is a pillar of building a strong economy in a neighborhood.

“Huntington coming here has been great,” he says. “We had no banking services in that area, and now we do. This makes a statement to the community at large that Glenville is open for business.”

About the organization

Name: Famicos Foundation
City: Cleveland
Phone: (216) 791-6476
Mission: To improve the quality of life in Greater Cleveland through neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing and integrated social services.

How you can help

Famicos needs volunteers at community events, and financial contributions are always welcome.