A longstanding relationship

Over the past half century, National Church Residences has grown from a modest collection of retirement houses in southern Ohio to the nation’s largest not-for-profit provider of affordable senior housing.
A longstanding relationship

Like any successful venture, such a massive step forward requires capital — and for two decades, Huntington National Bank has helped provide the financing necessary to further the organization’s mission of advancing better living for all seniors.

“(Huntington) has been our primary banking relationship in the last 15 to 20 years,” says Mark Ricketts, CEO of National Church Residences. “Without that, we can’t grow.”

“They’re taking a risk on us,” he says. “But we’ve shown we are a risk worth taking.”

Three parts of Huntington actively loan to National Church Residences: middle-market commercial banking, health care banking and the community development corporation. In addition to lending, Huntington provides the organization with treasury management and investment services.

“It’s a broad and deep relationship,” says Rick Zarnoch, senior vice president of Huntington and relationship manager for the National Church Residences account.

The partnership’s continued success relies in large part on the organization’s ability to marry its charitable mission with capable business practices. “While they are a not-for-profit, they run themselves like a successful business,” Zarnoch says.

“Because of their success and business acumen, we’re very confident they’ll be successful.”

But the connection between Huntington National Bank and National Church Residences goes beyond interest payments and profit statements. Separate from the banking relationship, Huntington is an engaged community partner. Mark Thompson, Huntington’s senior executive vice president and director of corporate operations, is a member of the nonprofit’s board of directors. Huntington has also made charitable donations to the organization through its foundation, and bank employees volunteer their time with the organization, including serving an annual Veterans Day meal at several Columbus-area campuses where formerly homeless veterans reside.

“Philosophically, it’s a wonderful fit because we, too, give back to the community in so many ways,” Zarnoch says. “It’s a great match between Huntington and National Church Residences.”


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