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ARC Industries: Helping find jobs for people with disabilities

ARC Industries

Those living with disabilities get a helping hand from ARC Industries to achieve their life goals

ARC Industries of Franklin County got its start when a group of parents of children with disabilities found a lack of services available to help their kids thrive. 

“They were looking for that next step after school was complete for their son or daughter,” says CEO Robert Gaston. 

These parents pooled resources and paired with churches and other organizations to identify skill-based opportunities for their children. In the early years, that meant arts and crafts; today, that has evolved into vocational training and employment with ARC. Currently, ARC Industries serves about 2,100 people, helping those with developmental disabilities live, work, learn and participate in the community.

Focusing on long-term success

ARC works with clients to match them with employment opportunities in the community. 

“We work with individuals on a strength-based assessment, asking questions about their interests and passions to identify a good fit,” Gaston says. 

For example, if a candidate enjoys animals, the nonprofit might seek to place that person at a humane society. Workers are matched with jobs as diverse as document scanning, janitorial, food prep and light industrial. 

“We serve all levels of disability, from very complex to very minimal,” says Gaston. “Anyone who has a diagnosis is a good fit for us.” 

ARC recognizes the gifts and talents that each individual brings to the table. 

“We truly see our role as a partner with the individual and family, where we are all focused on success,” he says. “And we don’t do this alone. We benefit from a network of supportive organizations and businesses, more than 500 partners in Central Ohio.” 

Building relationships in the community is key, and ARC is active in chambers of commerce, job fairs and other events. 

“We constantly seek more relationships to expand our reach and offer this special diversity to as many organizations as possible,” he says. 

One of those relationships is with Huntington, which also values diversity and inclusion to enrich company culture and connect to the communities where its employees live and work. 

“Huntington provides great services for us,” Gaston says. “And the relationship is reciprocal in that they have hired individuals from our program, so we provide a great service to them, too.”

About the organization

Name: ARC Industries Inc
City: Columbus, Ohio
Phone: (614) 479-2500
Mission: ARC Industries supports and empowers persons with disabilities to achieve their life goals.

How you can help

ARC is excited to discuss interest in ARC Industries and how any business can benefit from its staffing solutions. Please call directly at the number above.