President's Message | Summer 2019

What Financial Goals Will You Accomplish in 2019?

We're almost halfway through the year so now's a great time to take stock of your financial performance. 

Which financial goals are on track, and which ones need a little more focus? And more importantly, what will hitting those goals allow you to add to your world?

Will you be able to put a little more toward your child’s education fund? Will that extra cash leave room for new equipment or bonuses for your employees? Or will you feel inspired to take your whole team to the foodbank to sort food for the hungry or sponsor a Boys and Girls Club event?

It’s these motivations that drive us to not only achieve our financial goals but surpass them. Building on our financial successes isn’t just about the numbers in our accounts; it’s about how those numbers can make people’s lives better and strengthen our communities. When our businesses, large and small, prosper, we all do.

That’s why our team at Huntington shares stories of successful businesses in our region, as well as best practices, business trends and insights from experts who can help you seize opportunities and solve complex challenges. We want to help you thrive so that everyone around you can, too.

To deliver more stories more often, we’re transitioning Huntington Insights from a printed magazine to digital articles right here on

You can expect more business stories and expert insights to be published more frequently. As always, if you have story ideas or want to ensure the stories are delivered to your inbox, your relationship manager is happy to help.

From all of us at Huntington, thank you for your business and for giving us a seat at the table to help you succeed.


Sue Zazon

Central Ohio Region

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Sue Zazon
President, Central Ohio Region
Sue Zazon | President, Central Ohio Region | Huntington Bank