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Matrix Human Services: Ending poverty in Detroit through community outreach & service

Matrix Human Services

Matrix Human Services has been bettering the Detroit community for more than 100 years

Helping the community since 1906, Matrix Human Services was originally founded by the League of Catholic Women. In recent years, the name has changed, but the vision has remained — to eradicate poverty of the mind, body and spirit.

What Matrix does

Matrix is primarily a Head Start program, with 560 people in 30 locations around Detroit working with more than 2,000 children and their families.

“Head Start is a wraparound program that involves not only curriculum, but also a family counselor assigned to every participant, who helps with parenting, housing, nutrition and other family needs,” says President and CEO Brad Coulter. “It’s a truly holistic approach to preschool.” 

Matrix believes that to raise a family up to self-sufficiency, it’s crucial to have parents involved in their child’s education.

How its people help

Staying relevant is key to the program’s success. To best serve the community, Matrix talks to people in the neighborhood to learn about specific needs.

“We have a very hands-on leadership,” says Deputy Director LeWanda Gibson. “We specialize in outreach with an active volunteer pool and community center that is dialed in to the needs of its members.” 

Kerrie Mitchell, vice president of marketing and development, says anyone willing to make a positive change will find a path to success through Matrix programming. 

“Our mission is important because we help people move from poverty to self-sufficiency,” says Mitchell. “We believe we can build up the community by building up each member of it.” 

Huntington is also a key part of the community, says Coulter. He says Matrix has an excellent relationship with Huntington, both for its banking and lending expertise, but also for the sophisticated changes it made to the organization’s treasury management systems, the financial literacy education it provides and the volunteers it offers to the organization’s effort. In fact, Huntington often calls on Matrix to ask if there are things in the community its people can do.

“We don’t just have a business relationship,” Mitchell says. “They are part of our family.”

About the organization

Name: Matrix Human Services
City: Detroit, MI
Phone: (313) 831-1000
Mission: Matrix Human Services advocates for and serves the most vulnerable in the metropolitan Detroit community and empowers individuals and families to enhance the quality of their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

How you can help

Investors and volunteers are always welcome. Visit the website to learn how you can help.