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Michigan Education Excellence Foundation: Supporting the Detroit Promise & tuition free education

The Michigan Education Excellence Foundation
(Photo courtesy of Michigan Education Excellence Foundation)

MEEF is building a strong system for every child in the state

As Michigan’s economy continues to grow, it is critical for the state to develop an education system that ensures every child’s success.

To help meet that goal, former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder formed the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation (MEEF) eight years ago as a commitment to education and career readiness for the children of Michigan. Snyder’s three-tiered mission vowed to reform education, give children access to career readiness tools and support the Detroit Promise, which strives to provide students living in Detroit and graduating from a Detroit high school with the opportunity to pursue a postsecondary education, tuition free.

“MEEF is the one that implemented this vision,” says CEO Peter Remington. “MEEF raises funds, stays involved on school reform, works with Teach for America and works with high schools to develop a quality education approach, among other things.”

Helping students succeed

MEEF’s chief priority is supporting the Detroit Promise program, administered by the Detroit Regional Chamber, that includes Detroit Promise Path Success Coaching.

“Coaches are assigned to two-year students to help them move from year to year through higher education,” says Remington. “We know coaching works, and this program has become a national model for helping students stay the course and complete higher education.”

How its people help

MEEF is responsible for fundraising—collecting and distributing funds to board-designated initiatives—and for advocacy and outreach.

“Our efforts are ongoing,” says Remington. “We are constantly out meeting people and sharing the Promise story with everyone we can.”

He says the organization works to secure grants and other funding to help implement and sustain Snyder’s initiative.

Huntington was an early supporter of Snyder’s efforts, not only financially, but with team members serving on committees and boards that make a direct impact in the community.

“Huntington Bank has always been there to lend support in any way they can,” Remington says.

About the organization

Name: Michigan Education Excellence Foundation
City: Lansing, Michigan
Mission: To support innovative, transformative learning for all students in Michigan

How you can help

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Make an impact

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