Words of wisdom from Tom Wilson, CEO, Olympia Entertainment

Tom Wilson, CEO and President of Olympia Entertainment
On the entertainment industry:

“There is such a depth of talent that goes into booking, producing, promoting and marketing events — but if you’re doing it well, people don’t need to know you exist. It’s our job to make sure there are no issues with parking, ticketing, concessions, travel or the show itself. We just want people to look back and say, ‘What a great night!’”

On Olympia's culture:

“The people who work for this organization are the unsung heroes. They are here when everyone else is out enjoying themselves. Our employees make major sacrifices when it comes to spending time away from family and from their personal lives. We have a sense of teamwork and camaraderie that is so incredibly rewarding and exciting to be a part of.”

Tom Wilson CEO and President of Olympia Entertainment
On community:

“Never underestimate your importance, and don’t ever think the economy is so tough that you can’t help people around you. This project we are doing is obviously massive but has given us an opportunity to start apprenticeship programs that teach trades to people who live in the city. It’s just one example that you can make a lasting impact for years to come.”


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