Maintaining Effective Treasury Functions for Your Business

With any challenging environment (such as the current COVID-19 pandemic), it’s important to not only consider implications for yourself and your family, but for your business and your employees. In addition to possible impacts to financial operations, business disruptions can create a compromised time where hackers are especially active. Huntington is here to help you think through the components of your contingency plan.

Payment Center & Business Online Best Practices

  • Assign more than one person to all roles, including System Administrator, to support undisrupted system access
  • Ensure all profiles are up to date with current contact information (consider remote numbers and cellphone numbers)
  • Cross-train employees to provide back-up (user guides and training are available in the Online Help section within
  • Ensure employees are extra diligent with all data security, confirmation routines, and password protocols
  • Remember, unless you contacted us first, we will never reach out to you

Do you have what you need to work remotely?

  • Computer Equipment
  • Login Token
  • Wire PIN (if applicable)
  • Secured Check Stock
  • Signature Stamps

Other Considerations

Mailed Payments

  • Determine how you will handle gathering/processing mail remotely
  • Have deposit slips and night drop bags on hand


  • Consider initiating ACH payments via Payment Center if you cannot print physical checks
  • Update contact information for authorized account signers to their remote address (if applicable)

Merchant Services

  • As customer foot-traffic may be reduced, consider alternative transaction options (i.e. remote orders)
  • Contact your FiServ provider with questions or to learn about additional merchant options

Questions about your specific services? Please contact your Huntington Treasury Management Advisor.

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