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The Children's Bureau: Keeping families together

Children's bureau

The Children’s Bureau fights back against neglect and abuse

Do what it takes to help protect children and families. This, above all else, is the goal of the Children’s Bureau. Its primary directives are to help prevent child abuse and neglect and conduct interventions when abuse and neglect do occur.  

“It’s easier to keep children and families out of the system than it is to get them back out once they’re in, so we identify at-risk families and make sure they have the tools they need to remain intact and healthy,” says Annie Martinez, vice president of communications and development for the Children’s Bureau.

What the Children's Bureau does

The organization works hard to keep families together in times of crisis. Martinez cites an example of a single mother with three young children, who fractures her hip and can’t work for a period of time. 

"In that scenario, Child Services may remove those children from her if she becomes homeless," Martinez says. “But an organization like ours can help her find the resources to keep her family together before it comes to that.”

How its people help

Strongly favoring prevention over intervention, Children’s Bureau employees and volunteers educate clients on parenting, personal finance, job skills and communication.

“We help the parents in order to help the children,” says Martinez. “We can break negative cycles and help people create better lives for their families.”

The Children’s Bureau also runs a 29-bed children’s shelter as a temporary home prior to a child entering foster care or before children can return home to their parents. The bureau also provides training to parents who have adopted or who are fostering, and to other providers and agencies, as well.

Martinez says Huntington has been a huge supporter of the organization for many years through board leadership, with Commercial Region Manager Joe Breen on the board of directors, and through a strong financial management relationship. The bank also assists financially and through donations and volunteer work on special events such as the Children’s Bureau annual celebrity cook-off and golf outing, and other community outreach efforts.

About the organization

Name: Children's Bureau Inc.
City: Indianapolis, and various locations around Indiana
Phone: (317) 634-5050
Mission: To preserve and protect the future of Indiana's children.

How you can help

In-kind donations, event sponsorships, and recurring and one-time gifts are always welcome and easy to manage through the organization’s website. Volunteers can also donate time as individuals or in groups.