Integrated Health Solutions Puts Patients First with an Individualized Approach to Care

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Integrated Health Solutions helps patients reach their goals from a personalized approach to health care so patients can enjoy a pain-free lifestyle.
Integrated Health Solutions

Dr. Charbel Harb measures success at Integrated Health Solutions Inc. by whether his patients are able to meet their goals.

“Some clients’ goals are to simply be out of pain,” he says. “Some are to be able to run a mile. Whatever goal we set with the client, that’s how we measure our outcomes.”

Dr. Charbel founded Integrated Health Solutions in 2010. What started as a single chiropractic clinic has evolved into a multi-facility practice offering a full line of therapies, including acupuncture, chiropractic services, physical rehabilitation, dry needling, soft tissue therapies, and other methods of treating musculoskeletal pain.

“If you treat every client right and give value with every visit, you will inevitably grow,” Dr. Charbel says of their expanding business. In 2015, he opened Cryotherapy Indy Inc., a sister company offering passive therapies such as cryotherapy, in which patients are surrounded by hyper-cooling liquid nitrogen gas, detoxification in an infrared sauna, or sensory deprivation tanks to promote deep relaxation while improving circulation.

“Our vision is to provide exceptional integrated health care services to allow people to enjoy an active and pain-free lifestyle. We accomplish this by focusing on patients’ needs and blending complementary therapies to provide an exceptional customer experience,” says Dr. Charbel.

Personalized Approach

Whether a patient is a professional athlete with an injury, an older adult with knee pain, or someone suffering from frequent migraines, their experience at Integrated Health Solutions begins with a thorough history, a physical exam, and a conversation about personal health goals.

From there, Dr. Charbel and his team develop individualized treatment plans to help patients improve mobility, reduce pain, and restore health. Every step of the way, they’re focused on the patient’s goal and their experience.

“Many patients actually beat their treatment plan and meet their goals even earlier than planned,” Dr. Charbel says. “Our goal is to empower our patients, support them, and make them independent.”

Their team of doctors and support staff are trained on all services to create a seamless patient experience. To immerse new doctors in that culture and allow them to see it in action, they shadow Dr. Charbel before seeing patients on their own, ensuring that his passionate approach is consistently carried out.

“Every doctor goes through six months of training directly with me before they become independent, so they can understand the process, the sequence of therapies we apply, and the passion to understand patients and being empathetic to their needs,” he says.

Doing so allows them to understand the exact formula IHS applies, allowing doctors to accomplish the mission of meeting patients’ goals.

As a medical facility, Integrated Health Solutions was able to remain open and provide care to their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. They saw an influx of patients with stress-related physical symptoms during this time, and Dr. Charbel says their team was able to help provide relief to those in need.

“What sets IHS apart from other alternative medicine clinics is our level of integration,” Dr. Charbel says. “We are also very client approach oriented. We genuinely care and listen to our patients, with our primary goal of making every visit an exceptional experience.”

Steady Growth

Dr. Charbel currently has four doctors on staff, along with a support staff of six. In July 2019, he made room for more with the addition of a second 3,000-square-foot location downtown, financed by Huntington.

“We felt like we owed it to the community to bring our services to a more centralized space,” Dr. Charbel says. “There is a positive trend when it comes to health awareness and alternative medicine, and there are more people in need of our services. Now we could be even more accessible, increase our reach, and help more people.”

Integrated Health Solutions sets a high bar for the customer service they deliver, and Dr. Charbel expects the same level of service from his vendors. That’s why his relationship with Huntington has been such a good match, he says.

“As we were expanding, I needed to finance the new location,” he says. “I shopped to find the best package, but more important is the service and the relationship. The Huntington team was nothing short of exceptional, being available and responsive. The customer service was impeccable.”

As the business expands, putting the patient first remains a focus of Integrated Health Solutions. “The challenge as we grow is continuously communicating our vision to the staff, so everyone on the team exudes our culture and passion,” Dr. Charbel says. “It’s critical that all of the staff carry the passion, the vision, and the love to each one of our clients.”

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About the Organization

Name: Integrated Health Solutions
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Phone: (317) 449-2020

Mission: To help patients live pain-free, move better, and perform optimally.