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Huntington & The Homeownership Center of Greater Cincinnati (HOCGC) help build wealth

HOCGC supports stable, consistent home ownership


For those helped by The Homeownership Center of Greater Cincinnati (HOCGC), home ownership isn’t just about getting to the closing date. In fact, that’s when the journey is just beginning.

“We take a different approach to homeownership and what it can mean for individuals, families and entire communities,” says Rick Williams, president and CEO of HOCGC.

Unlike many organizations that help prospective homeowners find a home and secure a mortgage, the HOCGC focuses more on what happens after the deals are closed, when new residents must remain financially stable in order to keep their homes and grow their futures.

“Stable, consistent homeownership is the best way for low-to-moderate income families to build wealth and improve entire neighborhoods,” Williams says. “In order for that to occur, they must be successful long-term homeowners. We are here to support that.”

What HOCGC does

The organization’s support comes in the form of educational classes and counseling services designed to keep financial management at the forefront of successful long-term homeownership. “Our educational counseling is for everyone,” Williams says. “Our clients are from all walks of life -- from a highly paid football player to a Section 8 renter wanting to take the next step. Anyone can benefit from learning strategies for personal financial management.”

How it helps

The program goes beyond helping individuals, to making lasting change in neighborhoods. “We cannot stress enough the connection among homeownership, personal wealth-building and stable neighborhoods." Huntington has been a champion of the organization, and its staff values creative thinking in this not-for-profit space.

“They consistently want to better understand how they can be a part of what we’re doing and help all our initiatives move it forward,” he says. “They support our out-of-the-box reputation for what we do and how we do it, which we cherish.”

About the organization

Name: The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati
City: Cincinnati
Phone: (513) 961-2800
Mission: Strengthening communities through comprehensive economic and homeownership strategies.

How you can help

Spread awareness and support homeownership by directing inquiries to for a presentation of services.