Huntington Commercial Card

Looks Like A Card. Acts Like Part Of Your Business.
Commercial Credit Card

At Huntington, we take pride in being much more than a bank. With the Huntington Commercial Card, you’ll gain access to an experienced team that is dedicated to your business. Plus, you’ll get a number of tools to help you control your company’s spending. From quick data retrieval to virtual card deployment, the Huntington Commercial Card lets you easily track your company’s spending to help you improve your cash flow. Learn more about how you can put the Commercial Card to work for you.

Connect with a Huntington Treasury Management Sales Advisor at to find out how we can help your business reach its potential.

The Huntington Commercial Card enables you to control spending, meet vendor obligations, and take advantage of cost-saving purchases and opportunities.

With the Huntington Commercial Card, you’ll get instant updates, including a high-level company spending overview, and detailed reports organized by individual department or spending type. Spending controls can be matched with the individual responsibilities of employees to avoid misuse of company funds, and the limits you set are enforced every time a card is used. That equals saved time and saved expenses for your company.

Here’s how it works:

  • Merchant Type Controls: Limit card use to specific merchant groups, ranges, and codes like airlines, freight carriers or business services.
  • Transaction Limits: In addition to the credit limit you assign to each card, you can also limit:
    • The amount of a single purchase
    • The amount spent each day
    • The number of transactions allowed each day
    • The amount spent each month
    • The number of transactions allowed each month
    • The days and/or hours allowed for transactions to occur
  • Cash Advance Options: Include or exclude cash advances and maximum amounts as desired.
  • Learn more about how to help prevent company credit card misuse here.

Pay invoices electronically, help your vendors process payments more efficiently, and watch your relationships grow.

The Huntington Commercial Card can enhance negotiations with suppliers too, because they get the benefit of immediate invoice payment. Online reports deliver your full purchasing history to give you a better handle on your relationships with each vendor. Plus, you’ll be able to identify supplier discount opportunities. There’s also the cash flow benefit of our monthly payment cycle. 

Monthly demands for cash can leave businesses short on working capital.  The Huntington Commercial Card helps you strike the perfect balance needed between growing your business and maintaining an optimal level of working capital. How? Simple.

  • Control purchase timing and finance payments as needed to make cash available for other uses. Improved cash flow allows businesses to take advantage of growth opportunities.
  • Take advantage of vendor early payment terms without negatively impacting your current cash position. Pay your vendors early and extend your accounts payable cycle at the same time, without incurring interest expense.

Want to reduce your processing cost and reduce the time your employees spend submitting expenses? Of course you do. And we can help.

The Huntington Commercial Card can help you streamline your accounts payable process in other ways, too:
  • Accounting codes create automatic assignments for your specific company data (like GL or cost center) to every transaction based on merchant type, cardholder and other variables.
  • Spending alert reports and approval flows allow for easy transaction review based on parameters you set.
  • Files can be downloaded and imported directly into your accounting software.
When was the last time your bank paid you?  At Huntington, since we earn interchange on every transaction, we share some of that revenue with you, our customer. We’ll pay you this rebate every month as an automatic credit to your Huntington Checking Account. So it really does pay to use your card.

By working together with you and your Program Administrators, your Huntington Commercial Card Portfolio Manager can help your business grow its rebates. This relationship helps you take full advantage of the rebate opportunity, and takes this responsibility
off of you.

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