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For more information, contact a Huntington Auto Finance Retail Relationship Manager or Commercial Relationship Manager in your area. More information.

Auto Finance and Dealer Services

Huntington Bank is a $66+ billion regional bank headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  At Huntington, we have a firm commitment to Automobile Lending. Huntington is recognized as an industry leader in automobile financing, with over 60 years in this business and more than 15% of the banks’ total loans are Indirect Automobile Loans, Floorplan Lines, Real Estate Financing to automobile dealerships! Huntington Auto Finance has regional offices in:

Indianapolis, IN  Crestview Hills, KY Louisville, KY
Westwood, MA Troy, MI Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH Allentown, PA Waukesha, WI

These local offices service our dealer partners in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, Iowa and Connecticut.

Advantages of being a
Huntington dealer partner:

  • Locally based dealer relationship managers and credit staff to better serve and understand your needs.
  • Competitive new and used automobile financing options at various terms and credit criteria levels.
  • Commitment to technology innovation.
  • Fast funding--same day the contract and supporting documents are received.
  • Simple flat fee based reserve program.

Dealer Business Services

Since the early 1950’s, our team of Floor Plan Lending specialists has worked with franchised automobile dealers. We understand your business, and offer the financial products and services you need to manage and grow your dealership’s bottom line.  Our floorplan lending program offers:

  • In-market relationship managers
  • Competitive rates for new and pre-owned floorplan lines
  • Available floorplan offset accounts with an automated sweep
  • Commercial real estate and construction loans
  • Acquisition financing
  • Easy to use Dealer Access Services (see below)

Dealer Access Services (DAS)

Our Floor Plan Finance Program simplifies the floor planning process and puts real time information at your fingertips through DAS (Dealer Access System). You can instantly update or inquire about your dealership’s specific floor plan loan information via a secure Internet connection.

Dealer Access System streamlines the four major Floor Plan functions:

  • Loan Requests
  • Review and Inquiry
  • Payment Input
  • Reporting

Full suite of products & services
to support your business

  • Leasing Lines of Credit
  • Trust
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Investments
  • 401K/ Employee Benefits
  • Checking Services
  • Merchant Services
  • Working Capital and Equipment Loans
  • Business Credit Services
  • Lock Box Services
  • Insurance (full spectrum)
  • Personal & Wealth Management
  • Interest Rate Protection products to help minimize the impact of rising interest rates on your floor plan and term loans