Automated Clearing House (ACH )

Save time and money, while improving productivity through a digital option that safely and securely transfers funds.

At Huntington, we understand you have many different priorities to keep your business operating smoothly. Automated Clearing House (ACH) eliminates the time and expense associated with writing and mailing checks and can improve funds management due to the speed and predictability of your electronic payments.

ACH is a low-cost, electronic funds transfer network allowing you to make electronic payments to or from accounts at virtually every U.S. financial institution.

Traditional ways of payments – like payment by check – can be costly and time consuming. Switching to ACH allows you to pay supplier invoices, bills, and other business expenses, as well as getting paid. This can save your business time and money because Huntington supports Same Day ACH origination, allowing you to make those urgent payments, when needed to avoid late fees.

ACH from Huntington

A trusted electronic solution to assist you in crucial business transactions, including:

• Direct Deposit of payroll, expense reimbursements, commissions and more
• Pension disbursements
• Vendor and credit payments (instead of mailing checks)
• Payment collection from customers for memberships, services, rent, etc.
• Cash consolidation from several accounts into one concentration account or efficiently make transfers to other accounts
• Tax payments to Federal, state, and even local authorities, as well as required Child Support payments for your employees

ACH is accessible through Huntington's online Payment Center which helps ensure your files comply with the National Automated Clearing House Association’s (Nacha) format standards, or we can accept inbound Nacha formatted files through our secure Direct ACH Transmission service.

As part of the ACH network, Huntington’s ACH services are connected to all Nacha member institutions. You can pay or collect authorized payments with any U.S. bank. We handle all the technical details, freeing you to focus on your business.

To learn more, please contact your Huntington Banker, Treasury Management Advisor, Treasury Management Specialist, or the Huntington Treasury Client Services Department at (800) 480 – 4862, Option 2, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

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