Introducing Real-Time Payments (RTP®)

As the first new payment system in the U.S. in more than 40 years, RTP® is addressing the need for faster, more efficient payment methods. We are excited to share that your deposit account(s) are able to receive RTP credit transactions.

RTP provides access to funds credited to your account within seconds, plus the ability to receive more detailed information about your deposit transactions. Future enhancements will include the ability for business and government entities to send Real-Time Payments as well as the availability to leverage new communication methods and information reporting between the payer and payee.

Frequently Asked Questions

RTP supports how people live and work today by delivering a faster payment solution. The Clearing House, a payments company that is owned by the largest commercial banks–including Huntington–developed the RTP network to address the increased demand for faster, safer payment methods. The network clears and settles payments 24/7/365, allowing for the prompt delivery and availability of funds.
Simply provide your Huntington routing number and account number to a payer that has access to send RTP credits. Real-Time Payments will be directly credited into your account similar to other types of electronic transactions. You will be able to view your transaction details in online banking or on your account statement.
You will be able to view your transaction details in online banking, mobile banking or on your account statement.
As the name implies, RTP is real time, allowing you to optimize your cash flows. RTP credits posted to your account will be available within seconds. RTP also provides improved communication between the payer and payee by giving the payer the option to include additional information like remittance data with the transaction.
Yes. RTP transactions move directly through banking channels and are protected by bank security measures.
Since the RTP network transacts 24/7/365, RTP credits are available in your Huntington deposit account within seconds.
Business customers may contact Huntington at 800-480-2001 regarding a dispute or to request that a block be placed on their account to prevent all RTP credits from posting.
There will be future enhancements that will allow business and government entities to send payments, send requests for payments, include remittance/invoice data on payments, and more.

Business accounts will be subject to a fee of $.30 per RTP credit received transaction.

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To learn more, please contact your Treasury Management Advisor or call our Customer Service Center at 800-480-2001.

RTP® is a registered service mark of The Clearing House Payments Company L.L.C.