Centralized ReturnsSM

Is your inability to collect returned items eating away at your reported revenues? Tired of spending time and money managing, reconciling and funding your company’s returned items? Let Huntington’s Centralized Returns streamline returned item processing for you.

Centralized Returns helps keep you on top of collections.

Using a special endorsement stamp at the point-of-sale, Huntington’s Centralized Returns program will consolidate your returned deposited items. No matter where you deposit items, Centralized Returns will route those items to one Huntington account.

Our image-based Centralized Returns system gives us flexibility to tailor a returns product for your special needs. Reporting options include Internet access to returned item images and reports, and CD-ROMs with detailed images of your returns.

Centralized Returns also offers customized data entry, auto faxing and the ability to redeposit via paper and electronic transmission (RCK).

Centralized Returns streamlines the reconciliation and funding of returns.

Centralized Returns lowers the average time it takes a return to reach its final destination, thus improving your ability to collect on these items. Depending on the circumstances and features used, Centralized Returns can reduce the returns process by up to five days, increasing your rate of collection by up to five percent.

Consolidating returns will lower overall bank fees. It can also reduce back room expenses and time. One set of reports, one package of returns and one point of contact for all of your returns results in saved time.

To learn more about Centralized Returns, contact a Business Banker at your local banking office or call 1-800-480-4862) Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET.