Zero Balance Accounting and Tiered ZBA

Worried about money transfers and managing all your accounts? Have you ever forgotten to fund an account or funded too late?

Huntington’s Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service eliminates the need to transfer funds between Huntington accounts.

Streamline your banking with ZBA.

Huntington ZBA systematically links your deposit and disbursement accounts to a master concentration account. At the end of each business day we post all transactions to their corresponding accounts. Ending balances are calculated and funds are electronically transferred to or from the concentration account, bringing the subsidiary accounts to a zero balance. All available funds are consolidated in the master concentration account for better funds management. Multiple tiers are also available if you need subtotals by division or subsidiary.

  • Automated account transfers: Huntington ZBA will electronically calculate the funds needed in the subsidiary accounts, and fund automatically.
  • Multi-tiered processing option: Tiered processing allows us to link together multiple “concentration” accounts representing divisions or subsidiaries, with complete balance and transaction autonomy.
  • Online daily report: You may access your daily transactions and ZBA activity online through Business Online, our online business access system.

Huntington ZBA simplifies funds management.

  • Consolidates your cash into one account. Huntington’s ZBA system will consolidate all your cash in one account, which allows you to pay down on your line or invest according to the balance in your master concentration account.
  • Identifies transactions and balances by account, division or subsidiary. Multiple processing options provide unlimited control, and a complete segregation of activity, appropriate for your company.
  • Minimizes overdraft and uncollected funds charges. By linking accounts together in a ZBA system, your money is where you need it, when you want it.

Companion services include:

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To learn more about ZBA or our companion services, contact a Business Banker at your local Huntington banking office or call Business Direct at 1-800-480-2001 weekdays, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.