Electronic Check Deposit

Want to increase funds availability and reduce high-volume check processing costs? If you have check processing equipment, process more than 500,000 checks and can transfer funds electronically, then Huntington’s patented Electronic Check Deposit (ECD SM ) can be your next step in electronic processing.

You control the process

ECD puts you in control of your deposits. You perform your own check-clearing process. Acting as an agent of Huntington, you sort, endorse, film (or image) and send your checks into the financial system, while simultaneously transmitting an electronic file to Huntington for deposit.

You can access reports of your deposited items and funds availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Business Online, our online business access system, or our automated fax reporting service.

Huntington partners with you to create an optimal ECD process. We’ll help you determine your equipment needs. We’ll also guide you through the patented Huntington check-clearing process, including access to the National Clearing House Association (NCHA).

Save money today while creating future cost-cutting opportunities

By establishing the ECD process and controlling your deposits, you will substantially reduce per-item check-clearing costs. The elimination of a processing step means funds from deposited items will be available sooner for investment or debt payment.

ECD also opens the door to other Huntington services, including Electronic Cash Letter (ECL), which facilitates the transmission of your electronic file to the Federal Reserve; and Electronic Check Presentment (ECP), which allows the presentation of your deposited items file directly to paying banks.

To learn more about Electronic Check Deposit, contact a Business Banker at your local Huntington banking office or call Business Direct at 1-800-480-2001 Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.