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We’re proud that many of the world’s most recognizable brands trust us as their preferred technology finance and asset management provider. So what is it that keeps our customers coming back, decade after decade? It’s our integrity and ability to deliver creative solutions that make it easy to invest in and manage technology now and into the future.

3,900+ Customers we serve
93% Customer repeat business1
100% Surveyed customers ranked us honest,
ethical & trustworthy2

Enterprise Class
The operational size, strength and capabilities of our organization allow us to easily manage large projects with multiple asset types and locations so you can consolidate projects without worry of outgrowing us or sacrificing service quality.

Ethics First
We believe in doing the right thing, always. There are no surprises or hidden fees! Just simple and transparent solutions so you can keep technology current, expenses within budget, and your business on a path to success.

Technology Insights
Building your competitive edge starts with understanding your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced team works with you to assess your current capabilities, offers guidance where needed and helps you implement solutions that foster technology innovation and growth.

Lifecycle Vision
We operate and build our systems with the view that each asset has its own life. As a result, you have support at every phase of the lifecycle to make asset-level decisions and proactively respond to changes.

Vendor Neutral
Our experience in working with hundreds of vendors and ability to finance any brand means that you can continue to leverage existing relationships or select new vendors without disrupting your procurement and other business processes.

Adaptive Resource
Our creative and agile team provides the quality, speed and flexibility needed by enterprises so you can quickly upgrade and replace technology, and scale new projects to meet business demands today and in the future.

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1The percentage represents the portion of all Huntington Technology Finance customers with a current contract as of December 2018 who have renewed or agreed to a new contract after their initial contract.

2A random sample of 79 Huntington Technology Finance (HTF) customers were surveyed and asked to rate their agreement on a scale of 1 (representing “agree”) to 5 (representing “disagree”) with HTF being “ethical,” “honest” and “trustworthy.” Of the 71 surveyed customers who chose to respond to the question, all indicated “agree” for HTF being “ethical,” “honest” and “trustworthy.” Data was collected in June 2016.

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