Quick Serve Restaurant Chain Adopts New Technology in Franchise Operations

Simplifying a complex technology upgrade ensures a smooth implementation and positions the company for future growth.

Looking to win back market share, a major quick serve restaurant brand wanted to streamline operations and improve the customer experience by investing in new technology. But it had some hurdles to overcome.

The franchise owners managed their own restaurant equipment and had primarily chosen to purchase over the years. And with no easy way to track assets, the corporate office had limited visibility to monitor the technology status at each location. The company needed an experienced provider with the quality, speed, cost and reliability levels to support the rollout of a technology upgrade program for thousands of restaurants across the U.S.

That’s when Huntington Technology Finance stepped in.

With Huntington's help, the company shifted to a more proactive and consistent approach to tech management.

Presented with an ambitious implementation timeline, we quickly put the necessary tools and resources in place to ensure success. A dedicated team guided franchise owners through each phase of the rollout and provided several options to expedite the process. This included a customized enrollment system to onboard 3,600 franchisees within the first two weeks, a streamlined credit application and adjudication process, pack/ship/disposal services for existing restaurant technology, and a bundled financing solution so that owners wouldn’t have to make separate payments each month.

To ease cash flow for restaurant owners who had recently purchased new technology, we offered a monthly payment structure similar to a home equity line. And for the corporate office, we provided real-time access to compliance metrics so the management team could track program status from enrollment through installation and ensure owner/operators were meeting requirements.

With our help, the company was able to shift its organization to a more proactive and consistent approach to manage its technology well into the future to drive product, service, and customer-experience innovation.

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