Ancillary Benefits

More and more employees rely on the workplace for their personal insurance needs - like dental, vision, disability, life and long-term care. Including those coverages as part of a properly managed ancillary benefits package can pay for itself by increasing employee productivity and retention, as well as lowering the cost of healthcare claims. Many types of ancillary insurance coverage can protect your employees and their loved ones from extreme financial hardship. Such programs also send employees the message that "we care about you."

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Ancillary Coverages


Offering a dental plan can help save you and your employees time and money.

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Most employees purchase auto and home insurance to protect themselves. But they may not understand the importance of insuring their income against the threat of disability.

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Long-Term Care Coverage

Americans are living longer and the consequence is more people needing long-term care.

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Vision care is an essential component of any employer's wellness or health care program.

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