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Connecting with Huntington means your company gets a dedicated team of insurance and industry specialists who will design customized commercial insurance solutions to fit your business’s needs. You get risk management solutions and employee benefits programs structured to advance your business goals. Huntington offers you deep industry knowledge and customized insurance coverage to fit the needs of your business.


You know your business. We support your industry.

From complex real estate portfolios to unique risks and liabilities in food manufacturing, our experienced teams offer the know-how to help you develop commercial insurance and employee benefits packages right for your business. You need industry-specific insurance solutions that help increase your control in a constantly changing economic and regulatory environment.

Alternative Risk Solutions

Market forces impact traditional insurance coverage, pricing, availability, and terms and conditions. Many business leaders explore alternative ways to help control and finance risk to help protect the organization. Armed with an understanding of your business, data, and insights, we can help you protect your entity, bypass commercial insurance markets, and retain underwriting profits and investment income.

Auto Dealership

The auto industry faces uncertainties, from rising costs and inventory challenges to sales fluctuations and profit instabilities, along with aggressive competition and new technology disruptions. Showrooms must still be staffed for in-person sales and personal interactions. You want to protect your auto dealership with a specialized and comprehensive risk management program. Let Huntington Insurance help. We offer you our knowledge and expertise in the auto industry to help you manage costs and understand risks to accommodate your business goals.

Commercial Real Estate

As your commercial real estate portfolio expands, so does your risk. From real estate developers and general contractors to property owners and managers, Huntington offers you deep industry knowledge to create long term risk management strategies. You want customized insurance coverage solutions that align with your current program, exposures, and goals, and Huntington can help.


Environmental stewardship is important to your customers, suppliers, vendors, and employees. You face economic and competitive pressures and need to protect your company, assets, operations, and personal property. Environmental liability coverage helps protect onsite, during travel, and in places where your products are used. Huntington environmental liability insurance professionals work with you to help manage your risk, protect your assets, and discover new ways to grow your business.

Food Processing and Manufacturing

The food industry faces labor shortages, supply chain concerns, escalating transportation costs, expensive litigation, and contamination issues. Your Huntington Insurance team offers deep industry knowledge to create risk management solutions designed to fit your needs and protect your balance sheet. Your business produces specialized products with unique risks and liability. Our team leverages our insurance expertise and industry knowledge to create risk management solutions designed to fit your needs, while helping to protect your balance sheet.


Your business is only as strong as your people. Franchisees must be creative around hiring incentives, wages, and benefits to stand out in a tight labor market. Huntington Insurance offers you deep industry knowledge to help you create employee benefit solutions that fit your business’s needs and help attract and retain employees.

Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit organizations fill an important societal niche, providing good works that benefit communities and individuals. Your non-profit strives to manage costs in order to channel those savings back to the cause while mitigating risks and supporting staff. Huntington Insurance offers deep industry knowledge to create employee benefit and business insurance solutions designed to fit your organization’s needs. You will have the programs to attract and retain employees, manage costs, and preserve more funds to dedicate to your organization’s mission.

Medical Malpractice

As a medical professional, people rely on you and your practice for competence and care every day, which presents unique risks inherent to a medical professional. Mistakes may happen, and risk management is more important than ever. Huntington Insurance can help. We can leverage our healthcare and insurance expertise to create risk management solutions that fit your practice needs.

Trucking, Transportation and Logistics

Commercial trucking continues to be the primary method of shipping goods throughout North America. Rising rates can contribute to a company’s costs, which are compounded by changing regulations, fuel prices, limited capacity, driver shortages, and increasing wages. Your experienced, knowledgeable Huntington Insurance team can offer commercial insurance and risk management solutions to keep your business moving.

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