Account Reconciliation

Huntington’s Account Reconciliation Solutions expedites your workload by automating many of your reconciliation activities and providing flexible reporting options to best suit your needs.
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Disbursement Reconciliation

Disbursement Reconciliation makes a big job more manageable.

Disbursement Reconciliation offers flexibility as well as convenience. Huntington can provide you with a daily, weekly, or monthly reconciliation, listing:

  • Items paid
  • Dates paid
  • Dollar amounts
  • Check numbers
  • Voided checks
  • Stop payments
  • Payee names (if applicable)

With Full Account Reconciliation, we match your electronic check register information with paid item information, generating reports to verify posted transactions' accuracy—keeping you aware of what is still outstanding.

You also decide on how you’d like to receive your information: via direct data transmission and/or Business Online. Our Business Online reports can be exported in PDF and CSV formats.

Do you have multiple departments or locations on one account and want to track the disbursements per department/location? By giving each department or location a serial number range, Huntington can use those ranges to provide what was disbursed for each of your departments or locations. Subtotals will be provided for each check number range as well as grand totals.

Disbursement Reconciliation lets you see where you stand.

Huntington's Disbursement Reconciliation report is a concise and handy auditing tool. View your disbursements and their status, sorted in a variety of ways. Clearly identify which checks are paid and which are outstanding.

The simplified Disbursement Reconciliation process streamlines account management.

Deposit Reconciliation

Consolidate deposits from multiple locations into a single deposit account.

With Huntington Deposit Reconciliation, your locations can make deposits into a single corporate deposit account at their nearest Huntington banking office, using SafeCash Manager, and/or using Remote Deposit Capture. We provide daily and monthly reports that detail each deposit location, which creates a useful audit trail. These reports provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your deposit activity. Account information is accessible via Direct Data Transmission and/or Business Online. The Business Online Reports can be exported in PDF and CSV formats.

Make money while saving time.

Maintaining one corporate account is convenient and reduces the costs associated with multiple accounts. Huntington consolidates your deposit information for you, giving you more time to develop your business strategy.

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