Wellness Programs

What is wellness? Promoting wellness within the workplace brings many challenges. Senior-level management support and a solid culture of health must be developed from the top-down. A review of everything from claims, benefits, to the vending machines must be done. A strategy must be developed to create motivation within the population to either move to healthier behaviors or maintain a good lifestyle. This often means implementing a variety of programs in order to engage the varying interests within the group. Typically this process begins by surveying the employees.

What can wellness do? The primary goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through training, reminders, competition and incentives. Reducing the number of risks an insured has will help lower claim costs, decrease absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims. Additionally, a successful program may increase attendance, moral and assist with recruitment.

How can Huntington help?

Huntington Insurance Wellness Strategists can:

  • Strategize a three-year wellness plan
  • Discuss the rules around a results-based wellness program
  • Customize challenges such as steps, weight goal, or other characteristics based on your company’s needs
  • Recommend outside vendors for screenings, on-line wellness portals, HRAs, data stratification and incentive tracking
  • Assist in planning company health fairs
  • Conduct employee wellness presentations or bring in outside specialists for wellness seminars
  • Start a company wellness committee and sit as an on-going or occasional wellness committee member
  • Assist in best using existing carrier and community wellness resources
  • Identify applicable wellness grants and wellness awards Call or email one of our professionals today for more information.

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