Risk Management

How sure are you that your company is in compliance with state and federal regulations?

• How prepared are you for a Department of Labor Civil Investigation Audit of your health and welfare plan?
• Can your company afford the entire medical claim of a terminated employee?
• Are your supervisors (and owners) trained in the key areas of ADA, EEOC, and FMLA?
• Is your plant and facility ready for an OSHA review?
• What steps have you taken to comply with COBRA regulations?

Huntington Insurance provides clients access to a nationally known, industry-leading HR consulting, compliance, training and legal resource organization. This team delivers up-to-date HR consulting resources, compliance, and training services by offering authoritative content and practical, easy-to-use tools on-line. Through these subject matter experts, in-house editors and an exclusive attorney network, you will have access to the most comprehensive, reliable state-specific information available – for all 50 states.

Risk Management

Cost of Risk Analysis

Picking the correct deductible doesn't have to be guesswork.

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Program Design

Can your company handle a large deductible or retention on its insurance? Should some of your risks be self-insured? We can design a risk financing program to help you decide.

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