Check 21

Learn more about Check 21 legislation that went into effect October 28, 2004.

Import Services

Import Letters of Credit  

Overseas companies frequently require Letters of Credit, not always because of concern about your ability to pay, but because their banks require LCs to back the companies' working capital loans. Learn more.

Import Documentary Collections  

Do foreign suppliers hesitate to sell to you on open account? You may want to avoid the cost and risk of making payment in advance, or the cost of using your credit line or letters of credit.
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Bankers Acceptance Financing  

If you are importing, you may need financing for up to 180 days. A Bankers Acceptance is a low cost loan that covers the normal cash conversion cycle. Learn more.

Letter of Credit Processing  

Global Trade Access® for Importers provides exclusive import letter of credit software.
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Standby Letters of Credit  

There are times when you may require a bank to back up an obligation to a third party. You can do this with a Huntington Standby Letter of Credit.
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Foreign Exchange  

In order to meet today's competitive demands, even local businesses are forced to think globally. We help you manage foreign currency risk as part of an effective global business strategy.
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International Wire Transfer  

Wire Transfer is a real-time means to transfer and receive funds and supporting information between banks within the United States and around the world with the highest level of security.
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