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Huntington Equipment Finance Products


Tax Oriented Leases
Financing Leases
Municipal Leases

Flexible, comprehensive, customized solutions suited to your company—and your bottom line.

True Lease

  • Huntington owns and depreciates asset
  • Can qualify as Off-Balance Sheet operating lease
  • Options to purchase equipment, return equipment to Huntington or extend the lease at end of term
  • Fixed and variable pricing available

Capital Lease

  • You own and depreciate asset
  • End-of-term purchase option from $1 up to 10% or more of equipment cost
  • Fixed and variable pricing available

Term Loan

  • Fixed or variable rate
  • Full amortization or partial with balloon payment
  • 100% financing

TRAC Lease

  • Asset must be a titled motor vehicle (trucks, tractors, trailers)
  • Huntington owns and depreciates asset
  • End-of-term purchase option from 15% to 20% or more of equipment cost

Off-Balance Sheet Loan

  • Huntington owns asset/you depreciate asset
  • Qualifies as capital lease for tax purposes and an operating (Off-Balance Sheet) lease for book purposes

Other Features and Options Available

Lease/Loan Lines of Credit
Pre-approved financing can be used for future equipment acquisitions.

Flexible Repayment Terms
Repayment structures help manage seasonality, project startup, cyclicality or other issues that impact cash flow:

  • Interest only
  • Low/high (period of low payments followed by period of higher payments)
  • High/low

Interim Financing
Ideal for manufacturing lines and computer systems, down payments and progress payments can be easily financed during the manufacturing/delivery/installation process.

Quick Turnaround
Prompt, prudent, professional service every time, whether a verbal description of a rate or structure, a personal visit, tour and consultation, a comprehensive written proposal, the credit approval process itself and or even the documentation and funding process.