Specialized Equipment Financing Knowledge

Our specialized experience translates into distinct benefits for your company. In addition to the areas listed below, we provide financing for other capital purchases, too, including over-the-road vehicles, general manufacturing equipment and municipal lease purchases.

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  • Railcar financing
  • Terms up to fifteen years through fixed- and variable-rate loans
  • Experienced asset evaluation
  • Knowledge of industry changes and regulatory requirements
  • Financing terms on all U.S. flag-carrying vessels
  • Fixed- and variable-rate bareboat charter agreements
  • Sale/leasebacks
  • Fixed- and variable-rate loans
  • Terms up to fifteen years
  • Knowledgeable documentation specialists
  • Financing for metal working equipment
  • Terms of three to seven years
  • Financing leases, sale/leaseback and FMV tax leases
  • Fixed- and variable-rate loans
  • Progress payments to vendors
  • Seasonal payment structures to match cash flow needs
  • Jets and turbo prop planes
  • Terms of 3 to 10 years
  • Fixed- and variable-rate loans
  • Tax-retained operating leases and tax leases
  • Upgrade flexibility
  • Structures to minimize tax obligations for clients with high net worth and strong cash flow

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  • Operating leases for mid-range computer equipment
  • Terms of up to three years
  • Lease structures that meet FASB 13 operating lease tests on technology equipment (depending on equipment)
  • One-year commitment structures to meet CAPEX needs
  • Pre-approvals
  • Flexible terms • Variety of equipment types
  • Corporate banking services and credit facilities to independent leasing companies in the Midwest
  • Experienced officers who understand the capital needs of leasing companies

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