Group Medical

We'll match your specific requirements and goals with carriers' offerings - from HMO and PPO plans to Traditional Plans. Our market evaluation process includes qualitative and quantitative evaluation of each potential carrier. And we do business only with those carriers meeting our standards.

We focus on your business goals to design a plan that will be valuable for your employees and strategic for your business.

Once your plan is in place, our experts are in regular contact with you and your employees with the services, tools, and communication needed to ensure success. When you work with us, you get more than a health insurance plan, you get a health insurance ally.

Tell us about your specific goals and requirements. What's working/not working with your current medical benefits plan? Call or email us today.

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What's the best way to prevent harmful drug interactions?

Coordinate medical and pharmaceutical care by providing employees with prescription drug coverage.

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Web-based Enrollment

In less time than it takes to complete one traditional paper application - you and your group can be free of medical insurance paperwork forever!

Self-funded plans

Self-Funded Plans

Looking for an alternative to the traditional insured benefit plan?


Explore group medical options and services: