Stewardship Services

When was the last time your current broker was on site checking up on your plan or talking to employees? Do you know how often your agent works on your plan?

Do you have a service plan from your broker that identifies a schedule of "events" for risk management projects, service calls, market reviews, strategic planning sessions, vendor meetings, employee meetings, available seminars, and renewal deadlines?

At Huntington, we know the importance of being in constant contact with you and your employees - to ensure you have the information and tools you need for your benefit plan to succeed. That's why we've implemented two tools that help us stay on top of your needs:

  • Service Timeline: We create a detailed view of what we will do for you in the next 12 - 24 months and when we will do it.
  • Stewardship Reporting: You can receive annual reports that are HIPAA compliant, documenting how many times we were in touch with you, someone in your office, or your employees.
  • Call us today to find out more about these stewardship services.