Franchise/ Association Programs

Your franchise organization, professional association, or industry/trade group can combine its membership to achieve greater purchasing power -- enabling you to obtain insurance products often not available or affordable to members as individuals or single companies.

We work with a number of such programs to assist our clients with affordable options. For more information about the type of programs available for your industry or region, please call or contact one of our professionals today.

Did you know that nearly one out of three Americans between the ages of 35 and 65 will become disabled for more than 90 days?

Find out how you can help your members protect their income.


Group Life and AD&D

Each of your members' most valuable asset is the ability to provide for his or her family. Learn how you can help them protect that ability today.


Dental Coverage

Did you know that dental disease accounts for over 20 million lost workdays? Learn how you can offer a plan that benefits you and your employees.


Explore our coverage options:

Property & Casualty
Employee Benefits
Professional Liability
Business Succession Planning
Risk Management
Work Site Benefits