Global Trade Access®


Global Trade Access (GTA) automates your end of the complete Import Letter of Credit life cycle. Our customers helped us design it to be easier to learn, faster and simpler to use, and more complete than any other system.

Volume Requirements

Companies with at least 60 Letter of Credit payments per year will benefit from GTA, but it is especially helpful for companies with 200 to 10,000 payments per year.


  • GTA’s intuitive design makes it easy to see what to do next.
  • Lists present easy ways to find transactions without remembering reference numbers.
  • Lookups let you find names, amounts and your own reference numbers quickly.
  • Shortcut buttons perform common functions with one keystroke.
  • Log in to Business Online, select "International" and click on "Global Trade Access."


  • File Import takes data from your purchase order system and creates applications and amendments automatically.
  • “Same As” models let you copy most of the detail with one mouse click.
  • Toolbar buttons perform common functions with one keystroke.


  • LC applications and amendments
  • Dual signature security
  • Status updates
  • Full text electronic file copies
  • Discrepancy notices and approvals
  • Payment advices
  • Complete history lookup with full text
  • Comprehensive management reporting

Purchase order tracking

  • Place an unlimited number of your purchase order numbers on each LC or Amendment.
  • Find LCs and amendments by any purchase order number.
  • Use up to 17 fields of purchase order information.
  • Change the titles and sequence of the fields to meet your needs.
  • Track what was ordered versus what was shipped across multiple amendments and payments.
  • Extract payment information to spreadsheets or databases.
  • Summarize information with extensive management reporting.

Customer Service

Huntington is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service. We hold ourselves to the following quantifiable standards:

Issuance of new letters of credit and amendments:

  • Same day issuance for electronic applications received by 12:00 noon ET
  • Same day issuance for paper applications received with credit approval by 10:00 a.m. ET

Examination of Documents presented and advice of findings:

  • Documents presented in Hong Kong to Huntington Trade Services, Asia
  • Same day examination of documents received by 3:00 p.m. Hong Kong time
  • Electronic notice of results available via GTA by 10:00 a.m. ET the same calendar day (as long as it is a business day in Columbus, Ohio).

Documents presented in Columbus, Ohio to The Huntington National Bank

  • Average less than two-day turnaround on document examination and customer notification
  • 99% within three days (UCP-600 allows seven days)


  • Without Discrepancies - Day following examination of documents
  • With Discrepancies - same day, if waiver of discrepancies received by 1:00 p.m. ET

To learn more about Huntington’s Global Trade Access service, contact your Banker or International Specialist.  You can also call International Direct at 1-877-480-INTL (4685) Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. Or email us at