Controlled Disbursement

Any idea what it will take to fund the checks that will clear your account today? Huntington’s Controlled Disbursement service eliminates the guesswork. Manage available funds by knowing exactly how much of your cash on hand needs to be available for pending debits.

  • Huntington’s CDA service applies a unique routing number that enables the reporting of presented items to you by 9:30 a.m. EST
  • Accounts can be funded through a Huntington Zero Balance Account, internal account transfers, a wire transfer or ACH transfer from an outside bank
  • Information is available through Business Online
  • Information can you be sent to you via direct transmission as a data or image Spend more time managing your business. Huntington’s Controlled Disbursement provides early visibility into your funding needs allowing you to make key invest or borrow decisions and finalize your cash position much sooner.