ACH Positive Pay

You work too hard to let an unauthorized transaction take time and money away from your business. To assist in
fraud mitigation, Huntington offers ACH Positive Pay. This online service allows you to manage ACH debits posting to your
business account via filters and blocks.

How Does ACH Positive Pay Work?

The business account is formatted to block all ACH debits from posting to your business account. However, upon setup, you will be trained to establish specific filters on your business account if you want to allow ACH debits to process without interruption. If at any time you are concerned with the ACH credits posting to your account, you can block ACH credits too.

You control what transactions are allowed; we take care of the specifics to make it happen.

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ACH Transaction Block

Prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account. This can prevent unauthorized electronic transactions from occurring on your account.

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ACH Transaction Filters

Specify which ACH transaction entries should be allowed to post. You may add, modify, or delete authorization records using Business Online in a real-time environment.

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Alerts & Information Reporting

Email alerts inform you of ACH activity affecting your account. You will have access to audit reports and ACH Warehouse reports with this solution.

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Our payment and fraud mitigation tools are designed to make it easier for you to monitor your payments so you can stay a step ahead of threats to your business's finances.

Explore Fraud Mitigation Tools

We have solutions for both electronic and check payments.

Wire Block

If you don’t need to originate wires, eliminate the risk of wire fraud by blocking wire debits from posting to your business account.

Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay is a paper-based fraud mitigation solution providing detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks through a verification of checks presented for payment against the customer’s check register.

Reverse Positive Pay

Reverse Positive Pay is a paper-based fraud mitigation solution for detecting fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks by posting a daily report of presented items (excludes Huntington Branch Cashed items) to Business Online.

Check Block

Check Block eliminates the risk of check fraud by restricting the checking account to electronic activity. All paper-based transactions are automatically rejected and returned, which stops checks from posting to the account.

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