Check Block

Check Block eliminates the risk of check fraud by restricting the checking account to electronic activity. All paper-based transactions are automatically rejected and returned, which prevents checks from posting to the account.

How Does It Work?

Huntington will designate your business checking account as an electronic-only account. Paper-based transactions will no longer be allowed to post to your account. Electronic and internal transactions will still post successfully.

  • Funds can be moved to and from the account using an internal transfer on Business Online.
  • Most types of ACH transactions and wire transfers will also post.

Transactions that will not post:
  • Paper checks
  • Over-the-counter withdrawals (counter checks)
  • Paper drafts
  • ACH debits, or entries resulting from the conversion of paper checks to ACH debits, such as:
    • RCK (re-represented entries)
    • ARC (accounts receivable checks)
    • POP (point-of-purchase)
    • BOC (back-office conversions)

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