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Find the Right Checking Account for Your Business  

Use the checking product overview to determine which checking account is right for your business.
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Business Checking Account  

Need an unlimited number of transactions each month for your business? Business Checking offers that feature and many others to meet your needs.
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Business Interest Checking Account  

Is your business a sole proprietorship, not-for-profit organization or public agency? If so, Business Interest Checking may be perfect for your business.
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Debit MasterCard® Businesscard®  

Give your business the card that looks like a credit card, but works like a check.
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Deposit-to-Deposit Overdraft Protection  

In the event of an overdraft on a business checking account, Huntington will automatically transfer, in increments of $100, from a funding savings or money market account. This allows funds to be transferred so that the overdraft situation may potentially be taken care of.
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Account / Disbursement Reconciliation  

Huntington’s Full and Partial Account Reconciliation service saves you time and money by automating many of your reconciliation activities and providing flexible reporting options to best suit your needs.
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Image Services  

Simplify your check research and archiving with Huntington’s Visual Archive service, Huntington’s advanced CD-ROM image retrieval service. Huntington’s Positive Pay service allows you to improve your check disbursement, and reduce your exposure to fraud risk..
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Disbursement and Risk Management  

Huntington’s Positive Pay service intercepts fraudulent checks before they clear your account. Improve your check disbursement methods, save time, and reduce your exposure to fraud risk
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Huntington Business Overdraft Protection  

Don’t ever worry about having your business suffer the embarrassment of a bounced check. Set up Huntington Business Overdraft Protection to pay checks up to your credit limit.
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Automated Credit Sweep  

Huntington’s Automated Credit Sweep helps you contain borrowing costs while ensuring your daily funding needs are met by automatically monitoring your checking account and credit line balances, and making the necessary transfers to support your daily liquidity needs.
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