Visual Archive® CD ROM

Are you spending unnecessary time and effort sorting through boxes of cancelled checks or searching through hard-to-read microfilm? Having issues reconciling your deposits and need copies of your deposit slips?

Huntington Visual ArchiveĀ® streamlines your search.

Convenient, cost-effective way to store and retrieve checks, deposit tickets and debit/credit memos:

  •   You can now have images of your cancelled checks, deposit tickets and debit/credit tickets recorded on a CD-ROM for easy access and retrieval. With Huntington’s in-house image technology, we can record up to 12,000 items on a single CD-ROM. There’s no additional software to buy or install – everything you need is included on the CD-ROM.
  •   Easy Search: Simply enter the account number, check number or dollar amount, and the image will appear in seconds. And, if you’re not sure of the check number or dollar amount, you may search on any range of numbers or amounts. You can easily sort your deposit slips by store number or deposit amounts.
  •   Flexible Timing of CD-ROMS: You can choose to get your CD-ROM weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or with your alternate statement cuts.
  •   Quality Images: CD-ROM images are easier to read than the original checks, and because they are electronic, they can be printed, faxed or copied. You have the ability to view both the front and back, enlarge and rotate the images.
  •   Integrated Reconcilement: Check register information can be exported into your accounting or spreadsheet software for an automated reconcilement that includes your checks, deposit slips and debit and credit memo data.

Simplifies your internal operations.

Increases Efficiency: Huntington Visual Archive® enables you to store check information from one or more accounts on a single CD-ROM, and the check-payment dates can coincide with your company’s accounting cycle for easy reconcilement.

Reduces Storage Space and Costs: You can eliminate those cumbersome boxes of checks in storage, and replace them with a CD-ROM.

Streamlines Access: The information from your Huntington Visual ArchiveĀ® CD-ROMs can be placed on a shared drive, or used with a jukebox for access by multiple users.

Minimizes Research Time: With access at your fingertips, you can now retrieve check payment information in seconds, which reduces research time, and improves customer service.

Companion Services Include:
Huntington Visual Archive® Any Check
Account Reconcilement

To learn more about Huntington Visual Archive®, contact a Business Banker at your local banking office or call Business Direct at 1-800-480-4862 Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET.