Visual Archive® Any Check

How many boxes of cancelled checks do you have piled up in storage? How long does it take you to retrieve a check copy from storage?

Now you can have images of all those checks (even non-Huntington checks) burned onto a CD-ROM for easy access and retrieval with Huntington Visual Archive Any Check.

Convenient, cost-effective way to store and retrieve cancelled checks.

You no longer have to manually search by bank, by box, by month for checks, because Huntington Visual Archive Any Check brings electronic convenience to check storage. With Huntington's in-house image technology, we can record up to 10,000 checks from Huntington or other banks on a single CD-ROM.

  •   Easy Search: To search for a check, simply enter the account number, check number or dollar amount. Huntington Visual Archive Any Check will locate the check’s image in seconds. And, if you’re not sure of the check number or dollar amount, you may search on any range of numbers or amounts.
  •   Enhanced Image Aerobics: Huntington Visual Archive Any Check allows you to view both the front and back of your checks, with the ability to zoom and rotate the images, which can be especially helpful when examining signatures and endorsements.
  •   Tailored Options: Visual Archive Any Check technology enables you to store check information from one or more banks and accounts on a single CD-ROM.
  •   Quality Images: CD-ROM images are easier to read than the original checks, and because they are electronic, they can be printed, faxed or exported.

Huntington Visual Archive Any Check simplifies your check storage and retrieval process.

  •   Accelerates Research Time: With access to your paid checks at your fingertips you have the ability to pull information in seconds instead of waiting for days to get copies of checks or sort through boxes.
  •   Reduces Storage Space and Costs: With up to 12,000 check images on a CD-ROM, you can eliminate the cumbersome boxes of checks in storage, in lieu of a CD-ROM that can be tucked in a desk drawer.
  •   Provides Easy Access to Multiple Users from Multiple PCs: Each Visual Archive Any Check CD-ROM has the viewing software included on the CD-ROM, so you can view the images of that CD-ROM from any PC.
  •   Streamlines Operations: The information from your Huntington Visual Archive Any Check CD-ROMs can be placed on a shared drive or used with a jukebox for multiple user access.

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To learn more about Huntington Visual Archive® Any Check , contact a Business Banker at your local banking office or call Business Direct at 1-800-480-4862 Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET.