Earn 3x Credit Card Rewards

Our rewards Voice Credit Card® lets you earn 3X points for the ways you spend most. Pick one of 10 categories and change it every quarter to fit your needs.1
Rewards Credit Card

Turn Points Into Rewards

With Voice, reward points pile up quickly. Plus, every point equals a penny. (That means 5,000 points = $50 cash.) So, you can redeem points sooner and get better rewards.

Reward Yourself
With Cash
Every point you earn with Voice puts you closer to paying yourself. Turn your points into cash.
Get Yourself
Give yourself the perfect present. Redeem points for electronics, jewelry, gift cards, sporting goods and more.
Redeem Now,
Decide Later.
Not sure what you want? Pick a gift card for places like Amazon, Lowes, or the Hyatt. Then, decide when you get there.
Let Points Take
You Places
Redeem for airfare, hotel or cruise ship travel.

Change Categories
Every Quarter

Earn 3X points for your chosen category. Single points on all other purchases.

Gas Stations
1 of 10
HB_Icon_Travel Travel & Entertainment
2 of 10
hb_icon_restaurants Restaurants
3 of 10
HB_Icon_Discount_Warehouse_Stores Discount & Warehouse Stores
4 of 10
HB_Icon_Groceries Grocery Stores
5 of 10
hb_icon_utilities_officesupplies Utilities & Office Supply Stores
6 of 10
hb_icon_electronics Electronics, Computer & Camera Stores
7 of 10
HB_Icon_Apparel_Sports Department, Apparel & Sporting Goods Stores
8 of 10
HB_Icon_AutoParts_Services Auto Parts & Service Stores
9 of 10
Home Improvement Stores
10 of 10

See How Voice 3X Rewards Can Work

Here's an example: Karen updated the flooring and paint in her master bathroom this spring. That's why her 3X rewards category was Home Improvement Stores. But she changed it to Gas Stations when she planned road trips in July and August.

Every fill-up on the road earned Karen 3X rewards--up to $2,000 per quarter or 6,000 points. She also earned single rewards for everything else she bought. So, her points piled up quickly.

For the year, Karen might select the following 3X Rewards Categories each quarter:
grocery cart

Quarter 1:

Spend $1,838 and earn 5,514 points

home improvement

Quarter 2:

Spend $1,412 and earn 4,236 points

Gas Station

Quarter 3:

Spend $914 and earn 2,742 points


Quarter 4:

Spend $756 and earn 2,268 points

¹Earn 3X rewards in the one category you choose from ten pre-selected categories, up to $2,000 per quarter. You may select your category once within the first 30 days of opening a new account then again prior to the start of each quarter for the next quarter. Earn 1X reward for all other purchases.

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